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Всем привет! Сегодня будет небольшая заметка о интернет-магазине Поделюсь парочкой вещей, которые мне понравились. Состояние у меня "хочу весну", а в голове мысли: "нужно больше черных вещей". Наверно, наступающая весна так влияет. 

I want to share with you a few things from StyleWe. I fell in love with this black romper. I think it's perfect for evening look and casual outfit. There are many different cheap rompers on the site.

The off-shoulder tops are still very popular. I found several on Visit JustFashionNow. This navy blue is my love. I am fan of blue color.
I also liked this black off the shoulder top. Feminine and elegant top which can be combined with both pants and skirts. 

I want mention that the StyleWe has a blog. There are many article for inspiration. For example, this post about Hanneli Mustaparta fashion world.

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  1. В платье влюбилась.

  2. Hey!
    I saw your blog and I liked, I am following u now and I hope u can visit my blog and follow me too (-: Have a good day (:

  3. На меня тоже весна так влияет)) обожаю черный!


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